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Event: Star Party

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Date: Saturday, April 26, 2014

Time: 6:00pm to 4:00am


Phone: 760-749-3333

Description: Interested in learning more about the night sky? Amateur astronomers and casual observers are invited to the Bates Nut Farm Star Party to be held April 25 & 26 from sunset until dawn. This program is offered free of charge and is open to anyone interested in exploring the night sky. It begins at sunset with a slide presentation describing the objects that can be seen those evenings. Participants will then have the opportunity to view the celestial objects through a telescope. Some of the objects that can be viewed will include emission, reflection and planetary nebulae, open clusters, galaxies, planets, stars, constellations and perhaps a satellite and some meteors.

Several telescopes will be set up for viewing, and guests may bring their own. Assistance will be offered to anyone who is unsure about how to use their telescope. Guests are also encouraged to bring binoculars, a flashlight with red lens, a chair, blanket or tarp to spread on the ground, warm clothing and a snack. The program takes place just east of the main gate and will last until dawn.